What very few of you know: Stephan and Andreas (the two CAMO founders) met shortly after the turn of the millennium in the Barsch Alarm Board. They were always at the meetings at the Peenestrom and also organized their own user meeting in Hamburg. That was a while ago. Since then, the three of us have been connected by a friendship that at some point led to a BA-CAMO cooperation. It all started with two Keitech colours, which I was allowed to develop together with the Barsch Alarm community. In the meantime, various other projects have been implemented and there are more projects in the pipeline.

Why "only" bait colours and no new softbaits as BA edition?

Honestly: They all exist already. When I look at the many brands and all the bait types here in the shop, there are hardly any gaps in which I could add something useful. Soft rubbers with aroma with much, little or no action. The same in hard and medium hard. Sure, I have ideas. But it's much more important to me to add a few decors to already proven baits from traditional manufacturers. Colors, which I miss with individual manufacturers (e.g. Green Pumpkin / Chartreuse with Lunker City) or which there were so still nowhere (e.g. Sexy herring with Keitech). So far all BA colour codes have become full success. This is mainly due to my many years of fishing experience with softbaits and the many colour experiments I do, so "BA-Edition" is not just a colour code, no it's a certificate you can rely on. Only when I am 100% sure that you can rely 100% on the catchability of decors such as Sexy Herring, Undercover Shad, Zombie, Two Face, Golden Goby can I release the decors for pouring. I have also relied on CAMO's proven supplier for the clothing, so you can be sure that you really get top quality at a fair price.

There will be more colors and projects, be curious.

Note: With the purchase of a BA-Edition-Color here in the shop and at your trusted dealer you support the BA-YouTube channel and the website of BA.

Thank you very much for your support and trust in my expertise!