SX Spezial Finesse Jigs (lead-free)
Item number: SX-FIPBF
Quantity: 5 pcs.
Color: black-nickel

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The SX Special Finesse Jigs (lead-free) from ShadXperts are the right choice for all anglers who want to jig environmentally friendly. The advantages of the lead-free SX Special Finesse Jigs at a glance:

  • Similar specific gravity as lead, therefore almost the same jig head size.
  • Made of harmless and non-toxic material (bismuth / tin)
  • Comparatively cheap in relation to tungsten and steel jigs
  • Hard, non-corrosive material - No more problems with white oxide crust on the jigs!
  • Environmentally friendly thanks to short transport routes, since they are made in Europe

SX jig hooks are made in Japan, they are made of high quality flat forged steel and therefore extremely strong despite the fine wire. The smooth black nickel finish combined with the chemically sharpened hook point and the relatively small barb allows the SX Special Finesse Jig to penetrate the fishs mouth safely even on UL tackle and at long distances. In addition, they have a large hook bend, so that the hook tip is clearly above the eye.

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