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Masukuroto Sofia 1.2g (Nories)

Quantity: 1 pc.
Length: 22 mm
Effective lure weight: 1,2 g
6,69 €
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MASUKUROTO has been designed under the supervision by expert trout fishermen. Its main feature is the unique centre flat design. This special design spreads the water friction experienced during retrieve over the entire lure surface, so that on dead slow or even quick retrieves, down deep or shallow, the spoon remains stable and flat with a quick sharp wobbling action. Due to its stability, the angler can apply rod work to the lure to create irregular movement, just at the right time to incite bites. The CHIRARI paint system, with irregular colours on the reverse of the spoon, visually stimulate trout to bring on reaction bites. Balanced shape and weight make long casts with pinpoint casting possible even in oncoming wind conditions.

1.2 g Masukuroto Sofia
  • utility mid-range attack
  • NORIES Trout Lure
  • Fine, barbless singlehook
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