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ReelX and SpeedX are ideal for reel care, the ReelX reel oil recently rated "very good" in the Kutter & Küste reader test. We have tested the products ourselves and were so enthusiastic that we have included them in our range on the spot. The ReelX reel oil is the ideal standard oil for all spinning reels. The thinner Racing Oil is ideal for the small ball and needle bearings in baitcasting reels, in order to achieve maximum casting distances with the greatest possible reduction in friction. Especially for robust marine reels in saltwater use, the manufacturer recommends ReelX Reel Grease Soft for the line rollers, as this is not so easily washed out of the ball bearing. For all other moving parts on large marine fishing reels, ReelX Reel Grease Medium is the right choice to reliably prevent corrosion. It should be noted that all products are high-performance lubricants from the industry, i.e. less is more here. Therefore, use very sparingly, usually a small drop of oil or grease is quite sufficient. If you unscrew your reels, you should clean all bearings thoroughly. Especially with backstops and needle bearings, it is very important that these are cleaned very, very thoroughly before using the products. Here you can use brake cleaner, making sure to use a product that does not attack plastics. Otherwise, old dirt can loosen and sometimes block the bearings. Incidentally, the products are also an ideal helper in the household whenever a drop of oil is needed there. Due to the good adhesive properties, e.g. firmly rooted pliers or screws can be easily moved again. If a hinge squeaks somewhere, a drop of ReelX and you're done. Also suitable for preservation, e.g. of trailer locks or other metal parts.

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