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ZagStick Pencil (63) BB Grass WAKASAGI

SKU: NO-13730
GTIN: 4905789137304
Quantity: 1 pc.
Length: 75 mm
Weight: 4,7g
Diving depth: Topwater lure
Sound: no rattles (silent)
Buoyancy: Floating
Color (63) BB Grass WAKASAGI
Quantity 1 pc.
17,99 €
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Shipping class: Paket

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The NORIES ZagStick Pencil is a small, fine hardbait for topwater fishing. With regular, light plucking you create a right-left run on the water surface with a restrained splash and pop. If you twitch the ZagStick Pencil harder, it dives down and you can fish it just below the water surface with the flanks flashing again and again. The two fishing styles can of course also be combined. If there are predators in the area, the message will definitely get through: Injured fish on the surface - easy prey! The ZagStick Pencil with its 75 mm length is just the right size for perch, but we have also been able to catch asp, aland, chub and pike with it!

INFO: The ZagStick Pencil was last produced by NORIES in 2015. Due to our very good perch catches with the Hardbait we decided to have the ZagStick manufactured exclusively for us again. Such a great bait simply must not disappear!

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