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CAMO Drop Shot Box

GTIN: 4251013511731
Quantity: 45 pcs.
Dimensions: L 206 mm x W 147 mm x H 27 mm
39,99 €
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Product description

The Drop Shot Rig is certainly one of the most popular finesse rigs and for good reason. Especially when you have located the predators, these can probably be outwitted with no other rig better. The hook with the lure sits directly on the leader, by the special drop shot weight the distance can be changed quickly and so you can let the lure dance perfectly in front of the mouth of the predatory fish. Due to the separation of bait and weight, perch, zander & Co. can also easily suck in the prey. Unbeatable advantages compared to other methods!

In the CAMO Drop Shot Box you will find everything you need to start drop shotting for perch and zander. Included are various Drop Shot weights, the most catchy lures from our range of Pintail, Creaturebait and Shad with the matching Drop Shot hooks.


  • 3 pcs. 2.5" Fin-S Fish - Shore Minnow
  • 2 pcs. 2.8" Sexy Impact - Bluegill Flash
  • 2 pcs. 3" Bubbling Shad - Bait Fish SP
  • 3 pcs. 3" HellGies - Limetreuse
  • 2 pcs. 3" Shad Impact - Motoroil / Chartreuse
  • 2 pcs. 3.5" Bubbling Shaker - Oxblood
  • 2 pcs. 3.5" Legend Tube - Purple Chartreuse (BA-Edition)
  • 2 pcs. 3.8" Sexy Impact - Motoroil / Orange
  • 2 pcs. 4" Fin-S Fish - Ayu
  • 2 pcs. 4" Shad Impact - Panhandle Moon
  • 2 pcs. CAMO Skinny DS Weight - 14g (7 pcs.)
  • 2 pcs. CAMO Skinny DS Weight - 17.5g (7 pcs.)
  • 2 pcs. CAMO Skinny DS Weight - 7.0g (7 pcs.)
  • 2 pcs. CAMO Steel DS Sinker - 10.5g (5 pcs.)
  • 2 pcs. CAMO Steel DS Sinker - 5.25g (5 pcs.)
  • 2 pcs. Dream Hook Worm15 - Size 1/0
  • 2 pcs. Dream Hook Worm15 - Size 4
  • 2 pcs. Drop Shot Worm123 - Size 4
  • 2 pcs. Hevidan Worm117 - Size 1/0
  • 2 pcs. Shot Rig Worm10 - Size 1
  • 2 pcs. Shot Rig Worm10 - Size 4
  • 1 pcs. CAMO Lures Slim Box Small



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Item review

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Total entries: 2
Schöne DS Box
5 from 5
Schöne DS Box

Alles drin, alles dabei zum Drop Shotten. Nur noch Rute und etwas Vorfach einpacken plus die Box und Barsche fangen. Läuft :)

Alles dabei für den Drop Shot Einstieg
5 from 5
Alles dabei für den Drop Shot Einstieg

Ich habe mir die DS Box gekauft, um mit dem Drop Shot meine ersten Fische zu fangen. Was soll ich sagen, hat geklappt! Barsche, Zander und sogar ein Hecht habe ich schon gefangen und es ist alles dabei, Haken, Köder, Gewichte, nur FC-Vorfach musste ich noch extra bestellen.

Total entries: 2